Portable laser cleaning machine 50W

1. Model no.: ZE-LC1
2. Laser type: 1064nm
3. Laser power: 50 watt
4. Operation: handheld
5. Payment: T/T(optional)
6. Application: Metal surface derusting; surface paint removal and paint removal,, etc.


    Machine Details

    Portable laser cleaning machine

    Portable laser cleaning machine 50W features:

    1. Portable laser cleaning machine is exclusive operating system for exclusive cleaning and deep marking,
    2. Provides two kinds of laser light-emitting modes: general cleaning and cleaning without damaging the substrate.
    3. Wave cleaning path (automatic phase change, automatic angle conversion),
    4. The area automatically fills the cleaning path and externally imports the automatic CAD.
    5. All aluminum profiles are designed and manufactured and will never rust.
    6. A large number of universal independent module designs are selected for quick and easy maintenance.
    7. Two types of laser heads are available (gun type and standard type),
    8. Provides focus focus indication red light for easy handheld operation.
    9. Exclusive quick turn knobs are available in seven different cleaning paths.


    Machine Detail Pictures:


    Technical parameters:

    Model: ZE-LC1
    Wavelength: 1064nm
    Laser power: 55W
    Pulse energy: 1.2mJ
    Pulse width: 90-110 ns
    Frequency adjustment range: 50-160KHz
    Scan width: 1-100mm
    Laser cleaning focal length: 300mm
    Cleaning mode: two (fixed, rolling)
    Cleaning path Three types: optional waveform path, graphic fill path, external import arbitrary path
    LCD touch screen: 7″ touch screen
    Size Cleaning head: 408*372*285mm/Power box: 308.5*235.8*70mm
    Machine power: <600W
    Weight Tip: 3.25kg
    Backpack: 12.3kg power box: 5.7kg


    Application samples:

    1. Metal surface derusting; surface paint removal and paint removal,
    2. Surface oil stains, stains, dirt cleaning; against the object deep marking,
    3. With the lifting platform for deep marking.


    Packing And Shipping:

    1. Inner package: waterproof plastic transparent film
    2. Middle package: white foam, to protect the machine from shaking
    3. Outside package: wooded case free of fumigation
    4. According to different customer needs,we could send the cargo by air, sea,and railways
    5. The delivery lead time would be 10-15 days


    Q1: Delivery time?
    A1: The delivery time is usually within 5-10 days, except for customization.

    Q2: Payment terms?
    A2: T/T, West Union, Paypal and so on.

    Q3: I don’t know which one is suitable for me?
    A3: Please tell me your what product you want to do lase rust removal ?

    Q5: I don’t know how to use after I receive Or I have problems during use, how to do?
    A5: We have a detailed user manual with pictures, you can learn step by step.


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