Online flying laser marking machine for industrial

1. Model no.: ZE-UV4
2. Laser type: 355nm uv laser
3. Laser power: 3w, 5w
4. Cooling: water cooled
5. Payment: T/T(optional)
6. Application: Plastic buttons, electronics, gifts, wood, etc.


    Machine Details

    online flying laser marking machine

    Online flying laser marking machine for industrial features:

    1. UV laser is cold light, no heat effect. minimal heat affected zone, no thermal effect, no material burning issue;
    2. 355 uv laser focused spot is very tiny, suitable for very high precision marking.
    3. Materials can absorb the UV laser, and thus a wider range of applications;
    4. Stable performance, small size, low power consumption.
    5. High marking speed, high efficiency;
    6. High speed galvo mirror scanner.
    7. Deft design brings good protection for the operator.
    8. Easy operation, software supporting AutoCAD, Coreldraw, Photoshop etc.
    9. Powerful software Text symbols, graphics, images, bar code, automatic layout and modify the qr code, serial number, etc


    Technical parameters:

    Model: ZE-UV4
    Laser type: uv laser
    Laser wavelength: 355nm
    Laser power: 3W, 5W
    Average output power: >3W@50kHz>5W@50kHz
    Software: EZCAD/Touch screen operation
    Single pulse energy: >75μJ@40kHz>125μJ@40kHz
    Repetition frequency: 20kHz~200kHz
    Pulse width: <22ns@40kHz<18ns@50kHz
    Maximum speed: 7000mm/s
    resolution: 0.01mm
    Re-positioning precision: 0.03mm
    Marking range: 110*110mm
    Minimum line width: 0.01mm
    Minimum height of characters: 0.2mm
    Cooling way: Water cooling
    Laser power supply: 0.8KW/AC220V/50Hz
    Environmental requirements: 10 ~ 35 ° C, 90% or humidity


    Application samples:

    1. The flexible PCB marking, wood scribing.
    2. Porous silicon wafers, blind hole processing.
    3. LCD glass qr code marking, punching.
    4. Metal surface coating glassware surface marking.
    5. Plastic buttons, electronics, gifts.
    6. Communications equipment, building materials and so on.Ceramics
    7. Glass cup laser engraving