Uv 3w laser etching machine for plastic

1. Model no.: ZE-UV2
2. Laser type: 355nm uv laser
3. Laser power: 3watt, 5watt, 10watt
4. Software: ezcad
5. Payment: T/T(optional)
6. Application: bottles for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, plastic, etc.


    Machine Details

    uv laser marking machine

    Uv 3w laser etching machine for plastic features:

    1. Its very small focusing spot and small processing heat-affected zone.
    2. Ultraviolet laser marking machine has a wider range of materials suitable for processing besides copper.
    3. Not only the beam quality is good, but also the focus spot is smaller, which can realize hyperfine marking.
    4. The application scope is wider; the heat-affected area is very small, and there will be no heat effect and no material burning problem.
    5. Fast marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance, small size, low power consumption and other advantages.


    Technical parameters:

    Model: ZE-UV2
    Laser power: 3W, 5W, 10W
    Wavelength: 355nm
    Galvo head: high speed galvo head
    Working area: 100x100mm(Optional)
    Marking speed: <7000mm/s
    Power consumtion: 600watt
    Laser source: Gainlaser(optional)
    Software: Ezcad
    Interface: USB port
    Computer: Lenovo
    Water chiller: Included
    Warranty: 1 year
    Machine enclosure type: Floor type, Full enclosed cabinet type


    Application samples:

    1. The surfaces of bottles for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and other high-molecular materials are marked with fine effects.
    2. Better than ink coding and no pollution; flexible pcb board marking, dicing; silicon wafer micro hole, blind hole processing.
    3. LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glass surface punching, metal surface coating marking, Plastic buttons.
    4. Electronic components, gifts, communications equipment, building materials, and so on.
    5. It can mark / engrave logo, graphic, character, serial number, barcode, 2d code, numbers etc.
    6. Cutting and drilling micro pore on thin layer fragile items.It can be combined with streamline for online marking.