Fiber laser cutter for metal 1kw

1. Model no.: ZE-FC3015
2. Laser type: 1064NM
3. Laser power: 1000 watt, 1500 watt
4. Cooling: water cooled
5. Payment: T/T(optional)
6. Application: Carbon Steel, Silicon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Titanium Alloy, etc.


    Machine Details

    fiber laser cutter for metal

    Fiber laser cutter for metal 1kw feature

    1. Fiber laser cutting is the fastest process for thin sheet metal.
    2. A “clean cut” surface quality is obtained.
    3. Reflective materials like aluminium,copper and brass can be cut with easily.
    4. Parts process cost is very low.
    5. Little to no maintenance costs.
    6. Consumable part cost is low.
    7. Resonator life is over 100,000 working hours.
    8. Double ball screw close-loop system and imported open-type CNC system.


    Technical parameters:

    Model: ZE-FC3015
    Laser Type: Fiber laser
    Laser Brand: Max / Raycus
    Laser power: 1000 watt(optional)
    Pluse frequency: 1-5000Hz
    Cutting area:3000x1500mm(optional)
    Maximum idle speed: 50m/min
    Maximum cutting speed: 25m/min
    Cutting thickness: 3mm for gold ,silver ,brass,etc.
    Repeat posistion precision: 0.02mm
    Position : red light preview
    Cooling: water cooled
    Machine power: 5kw
    Drive system: servo motor drive
    Transfer method: imported ball screw
    Control system: shanghai fscut/Ncstudio
    Power supply: 220v 50Hz/ 110V 50-60Hz
    Working temperature: 0-45 degree


    Application samples:

    1. Carbon Steel, Silicon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Galvanized Sheet,
    2. Pickling Plate and Aluminum Zinc Plate, Copper and Other Metal Materials.
    3. Electronics, Electrical Appliances, Tube Fittings, Automobile, Machinery, Precision Parts, Ships,
    4. Metallurgical Equipment, Elevators, Household Appliances, Craft Gifts, Decoration, Advertising, Metal Processing Tools.