Co2 acrylic laser marking machine

1. Model no.: ZE-CL2
2. Laser type: co2 laser with 10.6um
3. Laser power: 30watt, 60watt, 100watt
4. Software: EZCAD
5. Payment: T/T
6. Application: plastic, thin film, tinfoil, timber, glass, PVC, ABS, IC and so on.


    Machine Details

    acrylic laser marking


    Co2 acrylic laser marking machine features:

    1. It is compact structure and easy to operate.
    2. Perfect choice for home shop, DIY, sign maker, stamp making, arts and craft making,package industry and so on.
    3. High precision and fast speed.Marking depth is controllable optionally.
    4. Wide application.It can marks most non-metals.
    5. No consumption and pollution.
    6. The marking lines are clear,it can withstands heavy wearing.


    Technical parameters:

    Model: ZE-CL2
    Outpu laser power: 30watt, 60watt, 100watt
    Laser wavelength: 10.6um
    Laser head: high speed galvo head
    Software: Ezcad
    Marking area: 110x110mm(optional)
    Laser type: RF Co2 metal tube
    Laser Tube life Time: 20000 hours
    Laser repetition frequency: ≤50KHZ
    Marking speed: 7000mm/s
    Laser wave-length: 10.64um
    Marking depth: 0.01mm ~0.3mm
    Min.line width: 0.015mm
    Min.character size: 0.4mm
    Repetition accuracy: ±0.01mm
    Cooling mode: Air cooling
    Total power consumed: ≤800W
    Power supply: 110V/220V (50HZ-60Hz)


    Application samples:

    1. Low consumables, non-toxic and no pollution, suitable for marking the non-metal materials,
    2. Such as paper, plastic, thin film, tinfoil, timber, glass, PVC, ABS, IC and so on,
    3. The material like food, beverage, medicine, tobacco, leather, package, building materials, cosmetic and electron component.